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Men need skincare too!

Even for the men is very important to treat their skin in the right way.

My client tried out my argireline botox-effect anti ageing facial and after his skin was so much smoother and hydrated.

Argireline is an anti-wrinkle agent of extra efficiency; it is a cosmetic alternative of Botox. The most efficient painless weapon against plies and wrinkles. The protein chain composed of 6 amino acids (acetyl hexapeptide-3) prevents message signals needed for contraction of the mimic muscles, thus reduces the depth of mimic wrinkles and is effective also against newly forming wrinkles.
Botox effect without harmful side effects.

Skin renewing – intensive anti-wrinkle – regenerating – revitalizing – rejuvenating
achieves BOTOX effect without using a needle and lacking every harmful side effect
efficiently prevents forming of vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles and fine lines
reduces wrinkles, improves capillary circulation of the skin.

Anti aging botox effect facial treatment £40.

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