If you don’t like fake eyelashes but want longer lashes, eyelash lifting is for you!
Come and try it!
A long lasting treatment (last around 4-5 weeks) that helps to open and emphasise the eyes by creating beautifully curled and lifted lashes.
Short straight lashes appear longer and darker, tired eyes appear more open and awake. Simply team up with a tint for instant definition.

Lash lift step by step:

👁️STEP 1: First of all I degrease the eyelash with an oil-free eye cleanser.
👁️STEP 2:  Protect the lower lashes with a Q10 gel patch.
👁️STEP 3: I choose the right size of the silicone shield (LATEX FREE) depending on the length of the lashes and glue it on with a water based glue onto the eyelid and the lashes as well.
👁️STEP 4: I put on the first lotion which is the Lift lotion. (it is on until 15 minutes) after I remove it.
👁️STEP 5: I put on another lotion which is the fix lotion this is 15 minutes as well after I remove it again.
👁️STEP 6 and also the last stage: I remove the silicone shield from the eyelid and I clean one more time all the lotions traces with a nourishing oil. And I tint the eyelashes if the client wants it. ( with tinting it is looks like more amazing.)

24 hours before the lash lift treatment patch test is mandatory!

Lash lift without tinting

Lash lift with tinting

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