Visible result even after one treatment.
High anti wrinkle effect, excellent skin renewal of deeper layers, real protection of aging skin.

The argan stem cells product line use a special extract from Argan tree. The innovative Phytocell Tech Argan is a skin renewal formula works on epidermis where skin stem cells are located. This individual extract provides direct and indirect stimulation of cells.

In one hand argan stem cells are a natural stimulator of connective tissue increase density and reduce deepness of lines. On the other hand they helps to the skin stem cells to remember renewal processes and restore its regeneration capacity.

Steps of the treatment:
🌸 Double cleanse (cleanser, toner)
🌸 Exfoliating the skin with mango & rice AHA peeling
🌸 Applying the argan stem cell serum and eye contour serum around the eyes and also argan stem cell firming gel.
I increase these products absorbency with the 5 in 1 machine (ems: muscle stimulation, radio-frequency, ultrasonic treatment, no needle mesotherapy, light therapy) with red led light therapy what has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. Increases circulation, stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.
🌸 Facial massage with argan stem cell skin renewal oil with Q10
🌸 Applying argan stem cell firming alginate mask
🌸 And finally Argan Stem cell moisturiser cream.


Argan stem cell anti-ageing facial treatment

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